Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Beach, rocks or whatever.

..... and when we woke we piled into Jake's car and drove down to the coast. We were still bleary from the late night and dull from three days drinking but we could still all sense in what direction the sea lay. We found a cove with sand and rocks and clambered down from the road where we left the car, down through the bushes and an old wrecked bus all rusty and with weeds growing out of it. The waves were pounding. The spray was leaping into the air and gulls were flying like fierce kites in the sky. There was no need for any of us to talk and we sat stunned for a while. Jake ran into the surf. We all ran into the surf then spread all our clothes out to dry on rocks and fell asleep. At four o'clock the sun suddenly lost its heat. Our clothes were still not dry and sobered with the cold of the sea we felt silly sitting there huddled up and naked so we put on the wet clothes anyway and thought about getting something to eat but none of us was hungry. Back at the cabin .....

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